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The Aquatic Vegetation Cutter

  • $895.00

The Aquatic Vegetation Cutter

The Aquatic Vegetation Cutter (AVC for short) is a gas motor powered underwater weed cutting machine that works similar to the weed whackers you use for trimming weeds in your yard. The AVC can be used under water because it has a “sealed” gear box which makes it ideal for cutting aquatic plants up to 4’ water depth! The gear box and cutter blades are what makes this tool so unique. Unlike traditional lawn trimmers, the blades on the AVC oscillate instead of spin. This makes the machine easy to control and eliminates splash back from the water.

We have sold hundreds of these units to cottage property owners and lake service providers that cut, remove, and manage weeds on peoples beaches and shorelines.

  • Reciprocating cutting blades
  • Sealed gear box
  • Use up to 4' water depth
  • Powerful 24 cc 2-cycle engine
  • 2-year motor warranty
  • Optional shoulder strap is available