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Fixed Dock Systems

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Here are just a few details that set our fixed docking systems apart from the competition.

Steelwork is quickly replacing traditional wooden construction techniques along our Canadian shorelines today. Our permanent steel shore docks are built to be the last shoreline structure you will need ever need to build. Our unique framework and structural design give us the ability to expand your project in the future, and provide a lifetime of enjoyment. 

- Heavy duty steel pilings driven and pinned to bedrock -

- In house helical screw piling capabilities for mucky or sandy terrain - 

- Structural H.S.S beam or rectangular tube frame designs (No angle iron) -

- HD Marine epoxy coatings on all exposed steel framing -

- Bolted joists connections for future maintenance or decking replacement -


Finishing options include; Sienna ultimate pressure treated wood decking, Premium western red cedar decking, Composite decking, Moistureshield and LumberRock. Our shore decks are created to match your existing dock structures or create a new design or pattern that is unique to your personal style.

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